About us

The Alliance for the Prevention of Mental Disorders has members from universities and NGOs all over Australia.

Committee members:

President: Associate Professor Nicola Reavley, University of Melbourne 

Vice President: Associate Professor Nicola Newton, University of New South Wales

Secretary: Dr Amy Morgan, University of Melbourne

Treasurer: Associate Professor Marie Yap, Monash University

Executive committee members:

Professor Felice Jacka, Deakin University

Professor Michael Berk, Deakin University

Professor Tony Jorm, University of Melbourne

Professor John Toumbourou, Deakin University

Associate Professor Alison Calear, Australian National University

Professor Helen Christensen, Black Dog Institute, University of New South Wales

Professor Andrew Lewis, Murdoch University

Professor Jane Fisher, Monash University

Professor Maree Teesson, University of New South Wales

Dr Adrienne O’Neil, University of Melbourne

Associate Professor Lee-Fay Low, University of New South Wales

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