Australian Rotary Health Symposium

Prevention of Mental Disorders Across the Lifespan: Setting New Directions for Research and Implementation

In early May 2013, Australian Rotary Health hosted a symposium structured around five phases of life: prenatal and early childhood, childhood (5-12 years), adolescence, adulthood and old age. For each phase, a senior researcher gave a 30-minute overview of what is known about prevention of mental disorders at that particular phase of the lifespan. These presentations were followed by three to five 10-minute presentations on where we should go in the future with this area of research and implementation. At the end of each day, Rotary board members facilitated discussions about the key directions for prevention research and implementation. The symposium ended with sessions on the barriers to and enablers of getting prevention put into practice, and a discussion of how Rotary clubs might be engaged towards prevention of mental disorders.

Speakers included:

Prof Jane Fisher, Monash University
Dr Heather Rowe, Monash University
Dr Elise Davis, University of Melbourne
Dr Jordana Bayer, LaTrobe University
Dr Monique Robinson – Telethon Institute for Child Health Research, University of WA
A/Prof Andrew Lewis, Deakin University
Prof Michael Sawyer, University of Adelaide
Dr Daryl Higgins, Australian Institute of Family Studies
Dr Sarah Hetrick, University of Melbourne
Prof Nick Allen, University of Melbourne
Dr Marie Yap, University of Melbourne
Prof George Patton, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute
Prof John Toumbourou, Deakin University
Prof Helen Christensen, Black Dog Institute
Frank Quinlan, CEO Mental Health Council of Australia
Dr Nicola Reavley, University of Melbourne
A/Prof Felice Jacka, Deakin University
Prof Michael Berk, Deakin University
Prof Jane Pirkis, University of Melbourne
A/Prof Peter Butterworth, Australian National University
Prof Perminder Sachdev, University of NSW
Dr Nicholas Cherbuin, Australian National University
Dr Lee-Fay Low, University of NSW
A/Prof Michael Valenzuela, Brain & Mind Research Institute, University of Sydney
A/Prof Cathy Mihalopoulos, Deakin University
Ms Sara Duncan, former  advisor to a State Health Minister
Dr Lisa Studdert, ANPHA (Australian National Preventive Health Agency)
Prof Tony Jorm, University of Melbourne

Dates & Times: 
Wednesday, May 1, 2013 - 09:00 to Friday, May 3, 2013 - 10:30
Canberra ACT
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