The purpose of the Alliance is to support a population health approach to the prevention of mental disorders and promotion of emotional wellbeing. We aim to:

1) Advocate to policy makers:

  • the need to ensure translation of existing evidence base for Prevention into policy and practice
  • the need for funding for more research into Prevention
  • the importance of mental health to all health, social, and economic outcomes
  • the imperative for key mental health indicators to be included as outcomes in all relevant policy initiatives
  • the need for significant human and financial resources to be invested to achieve population-based outcomes

2) Facilitate research and encourage new researchers

  • to generate more high quality evidence for Prevention
  • to share knowledge and build research collaborations
  • to encourage a multi-disciplinary approach to Prevention research
  • to build capacity in early career researchers

3) Facilitate Knowledge Translation (KT)

  • to identify key targets for KT, including Federal, State and Local Government, clinicians and community health workers; relevant non-government organisations; public health organisations; and members of the public
  • to implement evidence-based KT strategies to engage stakeholders in the Prevention agenda and to embed evidence on Prevention into decision-making pathways
  • to support the translation of evidence into policy and practice by mainstreaming mental health into public health and other health promotion policies

4) Build Partnerships

  • with other disciplines and organisations with common aims
  • with health bodies and relevant government organisations in order to encourage the inclusion of mental health and wellbeing indicators as key outcomes in policy and research initiatives
  • to support the prevention of mental disorders across the Asia-Pacific region via partnerships and collaborations with local agencies and government authorities.
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